3 Reasons to Visit Sharm el-Sheikh After Egypt’s Revolution (A Guest Post)

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Thinking of visiting Egypt’s famous Sharm el-Sheikh, or “Sharm,” as it is known by the locals, has long been one of Egypt’s most famous cities. Named “Bay of the Sheikh” in Arabic and also known as the “City of Peace,” it is one of many great tourist attractions throughout Egypt. Like so many other wonderful places in Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh has gone virtually unused by travellers since the recent political unrest of the Arab Spring. However, a savvy visitor will find many wonderful reasons to see Sharm el Sheikh during this prolonged slow season.

1) Sharm el-Sheikh is More Historic Than Ever

For those who like to feel that they are right in the middle of history, you could scarcely ask for a better holiday destination than Sharm el-Sheikh. Amateur historians already understand that “Sharm” has been at the centre of conflict for decades and also serves as a hub of international activity. However, the city was catapulted into the spotlight once more when it served as the backdrop for Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak to end his 30-year reign in February of 2011. A renewed recognition of Sharm el-Sheikh as an important cultural landmark contributes to the new feelings of excitement and importance that this formerly sleepy resort city commands.

2) Egyptian Currency Remains Weak Against the Pound

Budget travellers will find it easier than ever to visit the pristine resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh. As of the time of this writing, one Egyptian pound is worth barely a tenth of your British pound sterling. Although there have been fits and starts, the value of Egyptian currency has been on a generally downward trend since the middle of 2010. Now is a wonderful time to enjoy some of the region’s most fabulous hotels, partake of local delicacies and stock up on local souvenirs. Be warned that the Egyptian pound has arrested its downward slide. Now is the time to act!

3) The Residents of Sharm El Sheikh Are Eager For Your Business

Sharm el-Sheikh has long been one of the major attractions for affluent visitors to Egypt. Virtually no one in the country has been hit harder by the recent unrest than the proprietors of Sharm el-Sheikh resort accommodations. This has led to a noteworthy change in the level of customer service around the city. Although the region has a great reputation for hospitality, customer service frequently left something to be desired. This is no longer the case! Sharm el-Sheikh businesses are working harder than ever to earn your trust. Plus, you will receive much more personalised attention in the wake of a more than 50% drop in tourism visits.


Although Egypt still has a long way to go before it has entirely stable civic institutions to rely on, this may be the best time in history to visit the city of Sharm el-Sheikh. Far from being a turbulent, dangerous or violent place, “Sharm” is quickly becoming one of the country’s most endearing secrets. Naturally, you should take reasonable precautions whenever you choose to travel in Egypt or any other country impacted by the Arab Spring uprisings. However, do not be tempted to pass up the great opportunity that modern Sharm el-Sheikh affords you. This trip is well worth it!


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