Different ways of procrastinating while working on grad school applications

I apologize for my lack of updates lately! The sudden warm and sunny weather has made it hard to stay indoors for too long, and when I’m home, I’m busily working on my grad school applications (or at least I try to).

After not having to write anymore lengthy essays since I graduated last year, having to write so many essays for these grad school applications is a bit daunting.

Every time I  attempt to work on my applications, it goes something like this:

3:00 pm– Feels totally motivated, and opens up Microsoft word.

3:01 pm – Confronted by the question, “What do you wish to do with an international relations degree? What are your career goals?”

3:01 -3:23 pm – Feels like I have too many career goals and not sure what to write first. Starts daydreaming about my future working for an environmental NGO and dedicating my life to saving polar bears. Then daydreams about working for the embassy in South Africa. And also about having a cute diplomat boyfriend and living together in Tanzania. Worries about getting a job with the Canadian government since I’m not fluent in French.

3:24 pm – Decides to start learning French right away

3:34 pm – Gives up.

3: 35 pm – Googles images of hot diplomats, but finds images of random old men instead.

3: 37 pm – Googles hot surfer guys instead. Much better.

3: 45 – 4:35 pm – Suddenly feels the need to exercise, and does some ab work outs at home, then outside for a light jog.

4:35- 4:40 pm – Eats 5 carrots

4:40- 5:02 pm – Decides to go online bikini shopping. Gets torn deciding between two, and after much consideration and thought, buys the first one.

5:02 -5:45 pm – Continues to work on grad school applications, and feels proud for writing such a perfect paragraph. Feels enlightened.

5:45 – 5:53 pm – Feels the need to reward myself by buying the other bikini.

5: 54 pm – Also looks into buying summer dresses and short shorts, in case I move to South Africa sometime soon and need to be prepared.

6: 13 pm – Feels bad for shopping so much, and looks into summer jobs in Canada, but feels too lazy to work on resumes right now, especially when I’m suppose to be working on something more urgent.

6:45- 7:18 pm – Continues working on grad school applications, and under career plans, writes about my dream of becoming a published writer. Daydreams about my future book deal. Searches computer for the manuscript of the book I’ve written so far. Notices that I left the title blank.

7:19 pm – Thinks of the most perfect title for my book.

7:20- 8:05 pm – Goes on Facebook chat to tell all my friends right away. Ends up talking to a bunch of friends for a long time.

8:06 pm – Finally gets off Facebook only to have friends on Whatsapp text me. Decides to go out for the night, since tomorrow I’ll be much more motivated, and will get so much more work done.

And repeat.

Are any of you guys in grad school or are thinking of going to grad school?



  1. Amy
    March 19, 2013 / 6:11 pm

    I know that feeling from working on grad school applications last year 🙂

    March 27, 2013 / 12:04 am

    It’s so true.
    All the best.

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