Experience the Fairytale: The Top 5 Most Beautiful Castles in Italy

Although naturally then we think about fairytales and castles we think of Germany – the birth country of Brothers Grimm and many our beloved tales – Italy should also be worth remembering. All spread through this South European country you can find many beautiful and charming castles which were built during different eras.

So, on your next vacations to Italy, consider visiting these castles and get one of a kind chance to enjoy spectacular beauty, amazing architecture, and a fairytale-like environment in the most picturesque settings! Don’t forget to plan your trip a bit earlier as well, and also, embrace various opportunities to travel cheaper (like these JetBlue coupons). Now is the best time to travel the world, and you know it!


Rocca Maggiore
On the hilltop town of Assisi in the Central part of Italy, you can find our first beautiful castle which dates back to the year 1100! This one of the oldest castles in Italy amazes with its slightly pink bricks and the fact, that it was so professionally built a thousand of years ago! The town of Assisi is also famous. The city is known for being the birthplace of Saint Francis; therefore, you can find many places marking this event as well as the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi too. So, this small city might get crowded sometimes, and if you want to escape these crows – consider visiting both town and Rocca Maggiore on weekdays, because there are significantly fewer people on those days there.


Castle Belfort
Another timeworn and beautiful castle in Italy you should consider visiting is the Castle Belfort. Located near Spormaggiore town and surrounded by beautiful forest, valleys, and hills, this castle is a stereotypical (in a good way) romantic castle. Built in 1311 by the Count of Tyrol, this castle burnt down in a fire in the 1600s then was reconstructed in 1670 by the Count of Saracini, and after some time – abandoned again. So despite this castle’s beauty, right now there you can find only ruins of it, but that shouldn’t stop you from admiring its beauty, strength and beautiful surroundings of it.


Aragonese Castle
A very dramatically looking and a huge castle located in the middle of the small island – the Aragonese Castle – is another must-visit palace you must see. Located nearby the Italian island of Ischia, the castle was built on a large volcanic rock in the year 474 BC by Hiero I of Syracuse. So this castle is safe to say is one of the oldest too, apart from the fact that many of the churches, ramparts, and walls that surround the castle were built between the 14th and 17th centuries. But all that just makes this amazing castle even more breathtaking. It is one of the main tourists’ destinations in this region as well, and it is easy to understand why – Aragonese Castle is one of the most romantic castles as well.


Castel dell’Ovo
If you know a bit of Italian, you might be giggling now. Castel dell’Ovo, translated from Italian, literally means “Egg Castle” and yes – there is indeed a story behind it. As one ancient legend has it, Roman poet Virgil placed a magical egg in the castle’s foundations to support its fortifications. That egg might be truly magical since this castle is still standing strong! Located on the seashore, this castle not only provides beautiful sceneries and view to the sea but also lets you enjoy local sea food while admiring this incredible castle’s beauty.


Castello Orsini-Odescalchi
The last, but not least – the Castello Orsini-Odescalchi castle located in Bracciano, in the Province of Rome. What is interesting about this magnificent building is that was home for the Orsini and Borgia families during the castle’s 500+ years of existence. And yes, both of these families are so-called papal families, meaning that many of their offsprings were actual popes! Right now the castle is open to visitors and is one of the main tourists destinations as well. With fabulous museums full of classical art, medieval time’s armor and furniture, here you will be able to enjoy not only its beauty but get a bit of culture too.


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