I’m Back! (with a huge rebrand!)


Hey everyone!

Apologies for an almost one year hiatus, but I’m back with a rebranded blog and lots of new content! I’ve been wanting to rebrand my blog for quite some time now, and part of my reason for not posting in so long was because it took some time with thinking about how I wanted to rebrand (both content and design wise) while keeping this blog is as resourceful as possible for everyone.

Coupled with my whirlwind design career that took off in New York City, and all the exciting things the city had to offer, it was difficult finding a time to focus on blogging. With a better set schedule, I’m happy to say that my blog is back and you can definitely expect new content weekly!

I’m sure you guys have some questions for me. Without further ado, here are some of the most asked!


Why the rebranding from Confessed Travelholic to The Perpetual Expat?

I started Confessed Travelholic back in 2011, fresh from a 4.5 month backpacking trip across Australia. I was just 21 and fully embraced the exciting backpacking life and everything it has to offer — it was budget travelling at its finest from staying at hostels, to making friends at the most random places, to anything that involved affordable travelling made possible to a constantly broke university student.

Fast forward to 6 years later (and after living in Europe for almost four years), moving to New York City had changed my life forever. My career as a designer rapidly took off, and I was handed so many incredible opportunities, designing for some of the world’s biggest companies. Soon I was caught in a whirlwind design career, and practically catapulted from living a budget student lifestyle, to one where previously unaffordable things became easily attainable.

While I still travel often, somehow Confessed Travelholic doesn’t exactly reflect the scope of topics I want to blog about. Travel is still one of my biggest passions, but I wanted to create a blog that encompassed tips for aspiring designers, and most of all, a blog that focused on lifestyle design rather than solely on budget travelling  — we all have the incredible power to live the life we dream of, and I really wanted to create a blog that will help you get there.

The Perpetual Expat was born out of that. I love that the name still alludes to travel, but at the same time, refers to a certain lifestyle. The word “expat” always conjures up images of The Lost Generation for me, a time in the 1920s when writers and artists such as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, amongst many others, lived abroad in Paris and lived their dreams amidst the exciting literary scene in Europe.


What have you been doing since your last blog post?

A surprising and spontaneous move brought me and Yann to San Francisco, where we’ve been living since April 2018. It has definitely been an exciting experience being thrown into the crazy tech world of Silicon Valley, and I’ve had the opportunity to work as a freelance designer at Lyft (the second biggest ride-sharing app after Uber), and currently at Google Brand Studio, which I love immensely.

Although I’m looking forward to moving back to New York City, it has definitely been a wild ride filled with exciting design projects, trips to Asia, and a ton of road trips across California!


What can we expect from this blog going forward?

I have SO much content so expect weekly updates going forward. There has been so many trips since my last post — from New York City guides, to travels to Miami, Hawaii, Vegas, LA, Japan, Hong Kong and more! I’m also excited to post about my career as a designer, as well as some interesting lifestyle design topics.

While I’ve been constantly updating my Instagram, I’ll be updating more on Facebook as well. If there is any content you guys are interested in, please let me know in the comments!


Any upcoming travels?

YES! I’ll be going back to Tokyo in April, along with Singapore. There are also trips to Vancouver and Mexico in the works. Stay tuned for some really exciting upcoming posts! 🙂

If you have anymore questions, comment below. As always, I love hearing from you!


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