A sunny visit to Copenhagen!

Copenhagen was my last stop before going back to Canada for a bit, and then ultimately, on to NYC. After living in Europe for almost four years, it was hard to say goodbye, but at the same time, with the ever so competitive flights these days to Europe, I know I’ll be back to visit soon.

Despite all the travelling I’ve done over the years in Europe, one city I’ve always wanted to visit was Copenhagen. Having lived in “bad” weather countries like the Netherlands and Germany, I always fled south for my vacations, and never gave much thought to visiting the Scandinavian countries.


I’ve wanted to visit Copenhagen for some time now. I love the colourful houses in a style that’s very similar to Amsterdam, the vibrant design scene there, and I’ve been wanting to visit my friend Julie, who I met in Australia a few years back.

Plus, did you know that the Danes have been voted the happiest people on the planet two years in a row?

Here are some photos and fun facts about Denmark!


15 Fun facts about Denmark, Copenhagen and those happy Danes in general

1. Despite being part of the EU, don’t forget to convert your currency as Denmark still uses the Krone! It’s a pretty cool currency too, as some of the the coins are donut shaped (with a hole in the centre that is) and with hearts decorated on it!

2. Cost of living is pretty expensive in Denmark, and restaurants are no exception. However, if you’re looking to splurge, there are 15 Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen, which is a pretty staggering number considering that the city boosts just over half a million inhabitants.

3. The Danish flag, acknowledged in 1219, is the oldest flag in the world that is still in use by an independent nation.

4. Stroget in Copenhagen is the longest pedestrian shopping street in the world!

5. The Danes certainly don’t let bad weather affect their happiness considering how they receive an average of 171 days of rain a year!


6.  The Danish monarchy is the oldest continuing monarchy in the world.

7. Swimming lessons are compulsory in schools so most likely, every Dane you meet can swim. Denmark also has a coastline thats longer than the Great Wall of China, so those swimming lessons are probably very handy.

8. There’s a surf spot in Denmark called Cold Hawaii.

9. Lego was invented by a Dane named Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. The word is an abbreviation of the words leg godt, which means “play well.”

10. Another Danish invention is Skype. It was invented by Janus Friis, an IT entrepreneur. He later sold the company to Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5 billion USD. He must be one happy Dane!


11. Denmark has twice as much bicycles than cars!

12. Lars Ulrich, the drummer from Meticalla, was born in Denmark.

13. The Great Dane dog is actually from Germany and not Denmark!

14. Walt Disney was said to be so inspired by the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen that he created Disneyland.

15. One of the most famous Danes is Hans Christian Andersen, the fairy tale writer. His tombstone in the Copenhagen Cemetery simply reads, “The poet.”




  1. March 30, 2017 / 3:03 am

    171 days of rain? That’s a lot of rain. I also heard Danes are really fond of their flag. They use it as decoration during birthdays and other celebrations.

    • Michelle
      April 11, 2019 / 4:50 am

      It is! I was so lucky to be there when it was nice and sunny! That’s an interesting fact! Their flag is so nice!

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