Postcards from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria

When people ask me where my favourite part of Germany is, I always say the South. I don’t really have a favourite city, since so many cities here have their own distinct charm, but I’ve realized that I’ve always been drawn to the South. I find the people here to be the friendliest, there’s always an abundance of forests, castles, and those cute German houses, and if you look at this map, you can see that there’s others who seem to have a soft spot for the South as well!

Did I mention how picturesque it is in the South? Luckily, Miriam took some amazing photos when she came to visit me from Switzerland last weekend, and I’ve posted some of my favourites below. Enjoy! 🙂




Of course I saved the best for last! And yes, it is a photo of a guy in lederhosen being taken away by the German police, as his friend follows behind them.


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