Spain: A Photo Essay

Miriam’s third photo essay takes us to sunny Spain! This is a country that’s on the top of my to do list this year. I couldn’t fit it into my trip to Europe last year, but I’ll have plenty of time to explore Europe in a few months once I move to Germany in mid-August, so expect lots of photos of catalan architecture!

No. 1

Barcccceeelllooonnaa. Just listen to Guilio Y Los Tellarini and you’ll be happy. Which will lead you to re-watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona and be even happier. At Park Güell, we took some mighy steep hill to get here, it had an outdoor escalator which I have never seen and got too excited.

No. 2

We stayed at the monastery at El Pueyo De Jaca, Aragon, Spain. I was happy waking up every morning to the view we had. The bus ride up I thought every time we got to one nasty curve I was going to die however. Nice soccer games and talent shows.

No. 3

Santiago de Compostela. Where do I begin? I guess I’m going to move there. Too many stories, amazing firework displays for their 800th anniversary, the carnival, the food and drinks, the cute old men, the dancers and light performance against the Cathedral.

No. 4

Segovia! I didn’t realize the Segovia Cathedral was so big until now, we were only there briefly. We took a long walk through the streets greeting other youth and passed by the roman Aqueduct of Segovia and the Alcazar. I hear the Alczar Gardens are real nice. We ended up at the Tomb of Saint John of the Cross. A very important thing I learned from this whole trip was eat lot’s of fruit, drink lot’s of water and always carry toilet paper.

No. 5

So being a big fan of Goya, Zaragoza was amazing. Did a bit of shopping here, ran in the fountains, played guitar and sang with German tourists, played inside a casino at like 10 in the morning, ate so many sandwiches and melted chocolate. Visited the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar and wished I had stayed here longer.

No. 6

Montserrat…again the road up to the mountain made me want to throw-up, I was probably praying more than ever on this whole pilgrimage during that ride up. Memories from here, walking barefoot to the chapel, walking up the mountain and greeting people coming back down, thinking I’d never make it up and enjoying an expired can of coke with weird wax. The most expensive can of coke ever as well in the little hit on top of the mountain. The crazy winds, the bus that hit one of our buses. The fact that I wore flats to climb up a mountain..

No. 7

Torreciudad Shirne in Aragon. Beautiful cyan bodies of water, it looked like candy. And I have never seen so many Virgin Mary’s in my life from all over the world the halls were filled. Of course we also started to climb some rocks and whatnot.

No. 8

Madrid, the last place we visited. A lot of last minute gift shopping, a lot of singing and walking and huge pizzas. Ice cream and wishing again I had stayed here longer.

No. 9

Outdoor markets and seeing the Pope like 2 metres away!

No. 10

A cute old man all dressed in a suit picking out garlic in León. This is where I discovered I have big lady’s feet and none of the shoes fit me. Also nice graffiti here and a stop at the pharmacy. I was sad to come back home and no longer see the green flashing cross.

More of Miriam’s photos can be viewed on her portfolio site here!



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