Hey there! I’m Michelle and I run the travel and lifestyle blog, The Perpetual Expat (formerly known as Confessed Travelholic).

Growing up in Toronto, I caught the travel bug early on when my parents took me to New York City for the first time, and I discovered the city that never sleeps at an age when I still had curfews. Since then, I’ve lived in Montreal, Chicago, spent a summer in Beijing, spent another summer backpacking across Australia, lived in Europe for almost four years (in Germany and the Netherlands), and have been working as a designer in New York City and San Francisco.

Currently, I am a full-time designer/illustrator/art director who has worked with various companies such as Nike, Converse, Timberland, Macy’s, Lyft and Google.

I started my blog Confessed Travelholic back in 2011, when I was fresh into my 20’s, and eager to get lost in the world and discover everything the world has to offer. Along the way, I was met with a ton of adventures, misadventures, made countless friends and lifelong memories. There was no turning back.

While I still travel often, I decided to rebrand my blog to The Perpetual Expat, to more accurately reflect who I am these days — while I’m no longer a constant backpacker and have since upgraded from sleeping at airports and basing my decisions on what would lead to the craziest stories, I still love the thrill of living abroad and the excitement of balancing my dream career with a life of adventure.

Through this blog, I hope my stories and tips, ranging from off-the-beaten-path travel destinations, unique food recommendations, lifestyle design tips, as well as my life as a designer, will help to inspire you to pursue the life of your dreams!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll stay awhile!

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